Employee wellbeing and good examples from EXPO2020 and UAE

1. UAE

The UAE is keen on promoting wellbeing. It appointed a Minister of State for Happiness and launched the National Programme for Happiness and Wellbeing. 💚


The programme covers three areas:


· inclusion of happiness in the policies, programmes and services of all government bodies and at work

· promotion of wellbeing and happiness as a lifestyle in the community

· development of benchmarks and tools to measure happiness.


The programme will include Emiratis as well as expatriate residents and visitors. It seeks to encourage government and private sectors to launch, recommend and adopt initiatives in that regard.


The plan will also include initiatives for publishing scientific and cultural contents, books on happiness, and encouragement of reading about the importance of wellbeing and happiness as a way of an integrated lifestyle. They also launched a Guide to Happiness and Wellbeing at the workplace.


Officers from federal and local government entities undergo training to understand the science of happiness and implement it.


They did not stop there.


The Emirati government hailed the decision as making it “the first nation in the world 🌍 to introduce a national working week shorter than the global five-day week” ” – a reference to Friday becoming only a half-day workday.


The new work schedule enables employees to maintain a good work-life balance and helps to create a work environment in which everyone is committed to perform at their best while maintaining a healthy mind and body, allowing to increase productivity.


2. EXPO2020


What I really liked working for Expo2020 was also that one of their focuses was worker welfare. In addition to laws and decrees of Dubai and the UAE, additional EXPO-specific requirements have been added to align with expectations of EXPO2020.


EXPO believed that compliance with the additional standards will not only improve workers’ health and well-being, but will also enhance performance and efficiency for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Think about the ways you could improve the wellbeing at your workspace 💚 💚 💚