Living with a green heart

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In AMZS we are trying to take a holistic approach to diversity and inclusion. We don’t just focus on individual groups, but on the talents of individuals and their personal contribution to the team.


Regardless of age, gender, regional affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, … individuals and their talents and skills are important. We believe in truly living our initiatives, so our top priority is to also involve our employees, regardless of their position, in the planning phase of our D&I strategy. We are, beside all other things focusing the employee, currently focusing on communicating the importance of D&I and developing various D&I trainings and workshops. We are convinced that we make the most progress by simply talking and having open conversations about everything possible.


Also trough different initiatives like Razvojni dnevi – education program designed to understand the importance of adapting to change, perception of the individual’s needs and the help of a psychologist with dealing with their problems. Internal coaching program to support personal growth, Urice za dobro počutje – Hours for well-being – a program for ensuring the well-being of an individual, ensuring psychological security, … and many more.


– Anisa Faganelj, Head of AMZS Academy and Human Resources Manager in 2021