Living with a green heart

Associated Partners


TICA (the Thermal Insulation Contractors Association) is the sole UK Trade Association representing contractors involved in the application of hot and cold Thermal Insulation. TICA believe that sustainability and staff wellbeing go hand in hand and we are working hard to ensure that we can become an exemplar of sustainability and wellbeing within the thermal insulation market. TICA have pledged to reduce our own carbon emissions and join the UN Race to Zero via the SME Climate Hub:

UK – SME Climate Hub

TICA have also joined the Construction Leadership Council  CO2nstructZero initiative as a Partner:


Net Zero Carbon will be woven into our business strategy and we have made Net Zero Carbon commitments in three key areas:

  • Reducing our own emissions
  • Reducing Value Chain Emissions
  • Promoting good practice in the wider industry.
When it comes to proactive carbon reduction steps TICA will lead by example. In 2021 alone, TICA have invested in the following low carbon initiatives at TICA House:
  • Installation of Solar PV panels
  • Installation of 6 x EV charging points to encourage and enable the uptake of electric cars
  • Replacement of Hand Dryers with fast and energy efficient models

We wholeheartedly agree with the philosophy of the “Living with a green heart” initiative and hope that this will allow us to collaborate with forward thinking companies like Knauf to promote good practice in the wider industry and reduce carbon emissions throughout the supply chain.

  – Chris Ridge, Technical Policy Manager