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THE 365 DAYS of Ancient wisdom for the Wellbeing of Modern Man  
Sunday, 01.01.2023
“Happy New Year 2023, dear Green Heart Warrior! 💚

Welcome to Australia and the beginning of our year-long journey around the globe to rediscover nuggets of Ancient wisdom. As promised, we will start our journey with the Australian Aboriginals.

Through the month of January, I would like to share with you some of the deep wisdom that I received from one of the oldest continuous living cultures: the Australian Aboriginal people.

I had the great fortune to learn from, and about them during and after my time in Australia. Learning their Ancient Wisdom brought me back to my heart and gave me a sense of acceptance and love that I never experienced before in this human-made world of ‘progress’. It restored my sense of humanity and purpose and gave me the strength to stay true to myself and my direct relationship with life. I realized then that the solutions we seek are already within us.

These solutions and medicines of the soul will only unlock when we come back to our connectedness with nature and life. We tend only to care for the worlds we feel a part of, yet how can we expect people to care for our natural world if we don’t experience our belonging to nature?”

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Monday, 02.01.2023
Moderated by Sasa Bozic
“As I was explaining the project 365 days for LWGH to a friend from Australia, she said: “You have no clue about the Aborigines. They are primitive, wild, bush people. Missionaries have spent years trying to convert and educate them. Even today they still want to hold on to their rituals and old beliefs. Most prefer the hardship of the desert. The Outback is a hard country, but these are the world’s hardest people. Those who do straddle the two cultures are rarely successful. It is true they are a dying race. After two hundred years they still don’t fit in. What’s more, they resist. Believe me, there is nothing you can do to inspire them to work with you on this one.”

Great, right? I have never shied away from a challenge, and have always admired people, who don’t compromise on their beliefs, culture, and authenticity. At that moment, I knew I was on the right track. Let’s see what Australia has in store in the upcoming month.”
Tuesday, 03.01.2023
Living Wisdom
“The Elders shared with me that they understood long ago that their purpose was to sustain the transmission of this living wisdom to the rest of our human family until the time for the remembering and reconnection was called for, as it is now. Uncle Bob Randall, one of the Yankunytjatjara Elders and Custodian of the Uluru Sacred Heritage, explained what it means to live from a deep sense of connectedness and relatedness with the whole ‘family of life’.

This sense of connectedness is the foundation of Kanyini – unconditional love with responsibility. Kanyini is based on four principles: Ngura – a sense of belonging to home and land, Walytja – family connecting with life, Kurunpa – psyche, spirit or soul, Tjukurrpa – creation period, also known as the Dreamtime, and the right way to live. We will dive deeper into these concepts over the course of this week.

Stay tuned, dear all.”
Wednesday, 04.01.2023
Aboriginal Sacred Principles
When we look at the way modern societies have developed, we can see how far we have moved away from the Aboriginal sacred principles. To start with Ngura, many of us no longer feel like we belong to the natural world. Instead, we feel more and more divided, internally, and externally.

It is becoming harder and harder these days to feel a sense of belonging and a sense of a home where we can relax into the wholeness of our being. This madness of modern life emphasizes our worth only in terms of what we can produce and achieve. Many people are suffering from depression, and the trend is increasing.

One of the Elders, whom I met during my time in Australia, explained to me that many of our ‘modern’ mental illnesses and diseases were a non-issue in their traditional life. This same Elder explained to me that they see the root causes of these disease patterns as stemming from the disruption of ‘oursness‘ and disconnection from ‘life as a family’.
Thursday, 05.01.2023
Aboriginal Sacred Principles
The second sacred Aboriginal principle Walytja reminds us that if our sense of kinship with life erodes, we lose our sense of connectedness and we can no longer receive spirit nourishment directly from the land. It is this spirit nourishment, also called Kurunpa, that provides inner peace and sustainability for our whole self.

The third principle Kurunpa refers to psyche, spirit, and soul; it is our spirituality, our true spiritual nature. Through our spiritual connection with life and each other, we can draw deeply from the living wisdom of nature that can guide us through the darkest of times. When we experience life as a family, irrespective of whether we are living in nature or the city, our heart is sustained by a deep unconditional love that is always here for us.

If we only connect with life materialistically, devoid of any spiritual connection to home, land, and other living beings, we are blocked from receiving this love. Our hearts need this inner nourishment, it provides our sense of connection and oneness. Without this nourishment, we feel lost, lonely, and devoid of a sense of sacred purpose.
Friday, 06.01.2023
Aboriginal Sacred Principles
For many people, nowadays nature is just a source of food and materials for things to make, own, and consume. In that concept, there is no sense of sacredness and no gratitude for the sacrifices made by our living relatives in the natural world, such as animals, plants, trees, and insects.

When we have gratitude and when we deeply care for all living things, as shared by Uncle Bob, we no longer just consume our relations. Instead, we honor our relations for their intrinsic worth by appreciating deeply the spirit of life that is also within each of them, and their right to live.

It is by this gratitude and appreciation that we heal our own emptiness and restore our inner wholeness. This is the real food and nourishment that our souls and psyche long for.
Saturday, 07.01.2023
Self-Reflection Time
Self-Reflection Saturday with the keyword of the month: Authenticity

– This week we have talked about connectedness which is the foundation for Kanyini, i.e. unconditional love with responsibility, and its four principles: Ngura – a sense of belonging to home and land, Walytja – family connecting with life, Kurunpa – psyche, spirit or soul.

– How can you relate to the above from your perspective on life?

We invite you to go back to our posts from this week and get inspired by Aboriginal relationship with Living Wisdom.
Sunday, 08.01.2023
Self-Reflection Time
Self-Reflection Sunday with the keyword of the month:Authenticity

– Take a notebook and try to reflect on question: WHO AM I?
Monday, 09.01.2023
The Aboriginal people believe that a person’s mind exists in every part of their body, in every single cell. Because of this, every thought we have, and each emotion we experience, have a physical effect on our body. Think about this for a moment: Can you create a thought that makes you sick?

People do it every day. Stress causes both physical and emotional challenges. When you worry about a problem you are having, you can give yourself a headache. Or you can become so upset about something that you begin to feel nauseous and shaky, and work yourself up to the point of throwing up.

In western cultures, we spend a lot of time attending seminars and reading books about integrating our body, mind, and soul. The truth is, they were never separate. From the day you were born, you were a union of body-mind-soul. What you do to one has a direct effect on the others because they are one and the same thing.
Tuesday, 10.01.2023
“There are five Essentials in Sacred Aboriginal Healing,” shared Gary and Robbie Holz, “Willingness, Awareness, Acceptance, Empowerment, and Focus.” We will make a daily dive into each of them.

The first one is Willingness – the key that unlocks the door to health. Let us start with the question: “Are you willing to get well? Of course, you are willing. That’s why you are reading this, right? Well, let’s see.”

Most of us on a conscious level want to be healed. However, on a subconscious level, we may feel differently. We may have a hidden agenda buried within. There is often resistance and an unwillingness to change because change runs against the typical human mindset. We need to be willing, on all levels of consciousness, for change to take place so healing can begin. A great deal of our initial work will be in testing our belief system and finding what is really true for us on a subconscious level. We will find that in many areas we are sabotaging ourselves.

Join us tomorrow for the second Essential in Sacred Aboriginal Healing: Awareness.
Wednesday, 11.01.2023
“After tackling the first Essential of Sacred Aboriginal Healing, i.e., Willingness, yesterday, I hope you are eager to read about the second Essential informing our next step in this journey – Awareness.

“The more aware you become, the faster your healing will take place,” shared Gary Holz, “Because awareness helps us see things differently. When we are aware of something, then we have less reason to fear it. For most of us, life is like looking through a small hole in the wall at something beyond us. Everything outside of our limited scope of vision makes us feel uncomfortable because we’re not familiar with it. It’s a bit scary. Awareness helps you to expand your perception and release the fear.”

Therefore, we are concluding today with the question: “What do you need to become more aware of?”

Join us for the third Essential in Sacred Aboriginal Healing: Acceptance.”
Thursday, 12.01.2023
After tackling the first two Essentials of Sacred Aboriginal Healing, Willingness and Awareness, we are now ready for the next one. It’s Acceptance.

Dear Green Heart Warrior, it’s about time to truly accept ourselves just the way we are, our ups & downs, warts and all, before healing can happen. Only when we have accepted something are we able to toss it away. We all have things about ourselves that are not pleasant to look at. But if we don’t look—and if we don’t accept—we can’t heal. Only through total and unconditional acceptance of the self can healing take place.

“So how do I get better at Acceptance?” you might ask.

Stay tuned as we share more of the Aboriginal Sacred Healing wisdom tomorrow.
Friday, 13.01.2023
So how do we get better at Acceptance, the third Essential of Sacred Aboriginal Healing we have talked about yesterday?

“Acknowledgment is one key,” said Gary and Robbie Holz, adding, “Begin by acknowledging everything you’ve ever done. When you do this, it’s an opportunity for you to feel pride in, and appreciate your accomplishments. You can even make a list of them. When you learn how to acknowledge what you’ve done, you don’t have to seek approval from anyone else, because you’ve learned how to give yourself praise and encouragement.”

Join us on Monday for the fourth Essential in Sacred Aboriginal Healing: Empowerment.
Saturday, 14.01.2023
Self-Reflection Time
For this Self-Reflection Saturday, we ask you to think about:

– Whether you are really willing to get well? Or are you subconsciously sabotaging yourself?

– What do you need to become more aware of? How can you get better at Acceptance, using Acknowledgment as the key?

We invite you to go back to our posts from this week and get inspired by Aboriginal wisdom on the Essentials of Sacred Healing. Enjoy your Saturday, dear Green Heart Warrior.
Sunday, 15.01.2023
Self-Reflection Time
For this Self-Reflection Sunday, we ask you to think about:

– How do you understand and live your Authenticity, how do you reconcile your original nature with your current values and beliefs?

– Have you been able to stay in touch with your true self?

Enjoy your Sunday, dear Green Heart Warrior.
Monday, 16.01.2023
After learning about the first three Essentials of Sacred Aboriginal Healing – Willingness, Awareness, Acceptance – last week, we are now ready for the fourth Essential, which is Empowerment.

Empowerment is about taking back your power and taking responsibility for yourself. Empowerment usually means giving power to someone else. There is no word that means reclaiming the power that is really yours. The closest one is ‘taking responsibility,’ but that expression is associated with duty and obligation.

So, we’re going to use Empowerment because the essence of this concept is power. Switch from being a victim of life’s events to becoming a Creator of your destiny by taking full responsibility for your actions, proactivity, and your life.

Join us tomorrow, dear all, for the last, fifth Essential in Sacred Aboriginal Healing: Focus.
Tuesday, 17.01.2023
Coming to the last, fifth Essential of Sacred Aboriginal Healing, namely Focus, there is one sentence that sums it all up rather nicely: Always focus on wellness as opposed to illness. Look at the problem, accept it, but don’t dwell on it.

Focus on the healing. Focusing on healing has to do with placing your attention on what you want as opposed to what you don’t want. You have a situation or condition in your life or your body that you want to change, and you decide that you’re really willing. You become Aware of the condition, you Accept it, and you take Responsibility for it. It’s not a matter of learning how to focus. It’s a matter of controlling what we focus on. There is a very human tendency to focus on the negative. Have you ever tried to stop thinking about a certain problem? For most people, it’s impossible. Their minds keep going back, replaying the tape.

We focus to the point of obsessing. And the more we focus on the negative, the more we attract it. The key is learning how to control what we focus on and to focus on what we want in life, not what we don’t want.
Wednesday, 18.01.2023
“Let’s talk about our Spirituality,” said Mudrooroo, an Elder from the Aboriginal tribe of Anangu.

“Our Spirituality is a oneness and an interconnectedness with all that lives and breathes, even with all that does not live and breathe. Being a First Nation person, one you might also call Aboriginal, is not about the color of our skin or how broad our nose is. It’s a spiritual feeling, an identity you know in your heart… It’s a unique feeling that is difficult for non-Aboriginals to fully understand.”

Photo credit: Paulina Wolowska @breatheconnectheal
Thursday, 19.01.2023
The Land
“We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love … and then we return home,” says the Aboriginal proverb written on a wall of the Cultural Center where we met Max Dulumunmun.

Standing next to me, quietly reading the proverb, he added: “I take this word reconciliation and I use it to reconcile people back to Mother Earth, so they can walk this land together and heal one another because she’s the one that gives birth to everything we see around us, everything we need to survive.

The land owns us, not the other way around. Don’t ever forget that.”
Friday, 20.01.2023
The Land
The First Nation people of Australia believe the world is a place of abundance.

“The land is my mother. Like a human mother, the land gives us protection, and enjoyment and provides our needs – economic, social, and religious. We have a human relationship with the land: Mother, daughter, son. When the land is taken from us or destroyed, we feel hurt because we belong to the land and we are part of it,” shared Djinyini.

The Aboriginals believe everything exists on the planet for a reason. Everything has a purpose. There are no freaks, misfits, or accidents. There are only misunderstandings and mysteries not yet revealed to mortal man.

Photo credit: Paulina Wolowska @breatheconnectheal
Saturday, 21.01.2023
Self-Reflection Time
For this Self-Reflection Saturday, we ask you to consider:

– What’s your personal relationship with Mother Earth like?

– Do you see yourself living with nature, respecting its sacredness or you are too busy to really acknowledge it?

We invite you to go back to our posts from this week and get inspired by the relationship the Aboriginal People have with the Land.

Enjoy your Saturday, dear Green Heart Warrior.
Sunday, 22.01.2023
Self-Reflection Time
For this Self-Reflection Sunday, we ask you to think about:

– What could be your New Year’s resolution regarding your deeper connection to nature and planet Earth?

We invite you to go back to our posts from this week and get inspired by the relationship the Aboriginal People have with the Land.

Enjoy your Sunday, dear Green Heart Warrior.
Monday, 23.01.2023

Every day is another opportunity to restore and appreciate our connectedness with the wholeness of life. This love is not withheld from us when we move astray or lose our way. It embraces everything and everyone unconditionally.

The Aboriginal Elders teach that this deeper understanding of psyche, spirit, and soul comes from Tjukurrpa. In English, Tjukurrpa has been translated as ‘the Dreamtime’. It relates to the invisible world behind what we see and know as the created universe. From this comes the understanding of the right way to live by these universal laws and principles. The Elders believe that this sacred knowledge was passed on via a process of transmission from the Ancestral beings to humanity, to guide us as custodians of this world.

Tuesday, 24.01.2023
Sacred Law and Universal Principles
In our modern societies, the concept of ‘sacred law’ and the right way to live is not taught and transmitted to our children. Accordingly, many people do not know what it means and how to live their life by these core universal principles.

Yet the consequences of our modern ways of life show that whether we believe in Tjukurrpa (sacred law) or not, the effects of our actions on the web of life and our own sense of happiness and purpose are very real.

By becoming aware of these universal principles, we learn how to balance, heal and restore our sense of inner worth and sacred communion with all life. The Aboriginal sacred laws and universal principles of Kanyini can be observed in the way things unfold. We start to experience this directly by listening closely to nature, and by allowing our heart to guide our knowing. These principles were not created by anyone, they are not mental constructs.

By living in a close relationship with the wholeness of life we start to see these laws and principles as a foundation for all that is unfolding within our created worlds.

Photo credits to the rightful owner
Wednesday, 25.01.2023
You Are All That
You may ask, but how do I live in a close relationship with the wholeness of life? This starts simply by remaining attentive to your whole self: your feelings, thoughts, dreams, desires, the quiet voice within, and the spiritual presence both within YOU and all around you. By becoming aware first that you are ‘all that’, you can then start to see if there is any way that you divide, suppress, control, or fragment these various qualities of yourself.

Photo Credit: Tony Feder for iStock (2023)
Thursday, 26.01.2023
You Are All That
If you do notice inner division, gently ask yourself, why? What do you believe is so important that you need to do that to yourself?

Then consider, why you would do this if life does not ask you to compromise your inner being, nor does it ask you to compromise the inner being of others.

Through these inner inquiries, gentle observations, and deep listening, you slowly become aware of the universal wisdom principles of Kanyini that restore our wholeness, and our perception of unity with all life.
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Friday, 27.01.2023
Live interview

with Paulina Wolowska

Saturday, 28.01.2023
Self-Reflection Time
Self-Reflection Saturday with the keyword of the month: Authenticity

– Would you be able to step out of your comfort zone of predictability and venture into the unknown to live far away in a different culture to yours?
Sunday, 29.01.2023
Self-Reflection Time
Self-Reflection Sunday with the keyword of the month: Authenticity

– Are you open to a diversity of cultures, honoring different ways of living, or do you want yours to be the main way?

– How do you practice diversity and inclusion in your everyday life?
Monday, 30.01.2023
False Dream of Progress
By living in a world that designs its activities around clock-time, reducing natural cycles and rhythms to linearity, the pressure of this societal ‘dream of progress’ has become unbearable.

In this constructed promise of ‘progress’, we are supposed to be better people, earn more money, have a higher social status, achieve more, reach more development milestones, and have more success in the future. And yet, deep in our hearts, we know that this dream is crashing.

Life is not linear; much of what we aim to achieve in this world of ‘progress’ has little meaning in the bigger context of life as a whole. And worse, this kind of progress has come at the expense of so That’s why the Living with a Green Heart initiative is here to bring back the awareness of social sustainability and personal wellbeing as the key element of our future existence. Thank you for being with us, dear ALL.
Tuesday, 31.01.2023
“We will be concluding the month of January and our spiritual journey through Australia with gratitude for all the knowledge we have gathered from the Anangu tribe, from Gary and Robbie Holtz and their Sacred Aboriginal Healing, the online portal Sharing Culture, the insightful reflections by Bob Randall (Resurgence & Ecologist, Issue 243, July/August 2007), and brilliant bits of wisdom from Dadirri – Inner Deep Listening and Quiet Still Awareness, A Reflection by Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr.

Thank you to all who have walked this path before us and are now willing to share and pass the Living Wisdom to us, the newcomers.

Have a beautiful day, dear Green Heart Warrior, and please join us tomorrow on our flight to the Island of Gods in Indonesia, where we are going to spend the month of February.”