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22. June 2023

We continue to host LWGH Zoom events online.
Please join us for our next meeting on June 22nd, 2023 from 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM CET

Topic of lecture and discussion among members:

Powering Up Creativity for a Sustainable and Resilient World


Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva

Chief Reinvention Officer, Founder of the Reinvention Academy and global movement


Called ‘The Reinvention Guru’ (InVentures magazine) and ‘The Queen of Reinvention’ (TEDxNavesink), Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva is a scientist, entrepreneur, and author specializing in resilience and reinvention. As a consultant and educator, she helped organizations and individuals to reinvent their products, leadership practices, and business models to meet new market demands – including such companies as Coca-Cola, IBM, Erste Bank, Henkel, ERG, and many others. As a speaker, she delivered keynotes and workshops to over 500,000 executives and 4 TEDx talks. As an author, she wrote several award-winning books and has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and other premier publications.

Nadya helps companies and their leaders turn disruption into opportunity. Her mission is simple: To provide one billion people with strong resilience and reinvention skills so that we can all ride the waves of change, rather than get crushed by them.


Dr. Saša Bavec

Director and co-founder of Living With a Green Heart Foundadtion


Dr. Saša Bavec joined Knauf Group in 2009 and served as General Manager of Original Equipment Manufacturer Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States and later as Managing Director of Original Equipment Manufacturer Business. For the last five years Saša is member of Knauf Insulation Executive Committee, Group Marketing Director and Managing Director of Systems Division.

The key areas of his focus are innovation, customer centricity, corporate culture and sustainability. The one thing that is common to all these areas is that one cannot make them happen just by putting KPIs, processes, money and other resources in place, but first the hearts and minds of the employees should be won. Saša believes people cannot be pushed and forced to give their creativity and smartness every morning when they come to work. It is their decision and they are ready to give “themselves at their best” to the company only when they feel well.

Please request a Zoom link:

    25. May 2023

    Topic of lecture and discussion among members:

    ESG – It is not a reporting, but a strategy and way of doing business.


    Guest lecturer:

    Mrs. Kim Turk Mehes

    A senior manager for sustainability, climate and the public sector in Deloitte Slovenia. She is also the regional sustainability leader in the consulting business line. In her role, Kim advises public and private organizations on how to integrate sustainability into their business strategies in such a way that ESG principles become a key strategic element of their operations.


    Guest lecturer:

    Mr. Simon Peterman Poljanšek

    Manager of 11 factoring units in CEE at Raiffeisen Factor Bank AG in Austria, Simon Peterman was previously a Member of the Management Board of Invictus FS, Slovenia; Head of Transaction Banking Product Management at Erste Bank; Member of the ICC Global SCF Steering Group; Chairman of the CEE Chapter of FCI, Netherlands.

    Moderated by:

    Dr. Matjaž Polak

    Regional Supply Chain Director at Knauf Insulation

    20. April 2023

    Topic of lecture and discussion among members:

    Impact of digital world on our wellbeing (us, our employees, our children) and how to achieve the necessary balance.


    Guest lecturer:

    Mag. Nuša Klepec

    Moderated by:
    Luka Lamut
    Knauf Insulation

    23. March 2023

    Please join us for our next meeting on 23rd March 2023, 2 PM–3:15 PM CET.. Topic of lecture and discussion among members:

    The Living LWGH philosophy in practice

    TATA Group’s holistic approach toward sustainability, and how to make social sustainability part of the business
    A TATA Group company well known for the production of watches and jewelry, TITAN has successfully integrated environmental, social, and ethical sustainability principles deep into its core business. It s an inspiring story that shows how caring for the well-being of people results in caring for the environment whilst ultimately also generating additional profit.
    Guest lecturer: Mr. Sanjay Singh Former Principal Resident Representative,
    Tata Sons Limited,
    New Delhi, India
    Guest lecturer: Mr. Sumant Sood Head of Innovation,
    TITAN Company Limited
    Moderated by:

    Dr. Saša Bavec
    Knauf Insulation

    23. February 2023

    Topic of lecture and discussion among members:


    The new era of certification & its Why

    The efforts of organizations to implement social sustainability in their business operations remain frequently unfulfilled due to the vagueness of the social aspect of Sustainability, the differences in priorities of their stakeholders, and the lack of a proper and consistent understanding of this topic. Additionally, organizations often lack the knowledge and experience associated with the social sustainability integration process. Therefore, outcome-oriented measures are needed to move business agendas in a positive direction.

    To this end, LWGH presents the social sustainability standard Living with a Green Heart. It’s a collection of scientific findings, best practices, and guidance for organizations that are committed to social sustainability, and are ready to put human beings and their well-being at the center of everything they do. Through this certification-guided process organizations can discover how much they really walk their “Living with a Green Heart” talk in their business processes and organizational culture.

    Guest lecturer:

    Mrs. Andreja Kranjc
    Head of the Certification Department
    TÜV SÜD Sava d.o.o.
    Moderated by:

    Dr. Saša Bavec
    Knauf Insulation
    Moderated by:

    mag. Petra Kodrič

    26. January 2023

    Topic of lecture and discussion among members:


    Transitioning from learning environments into thinking and conscious environments
    Join us in discussion why and how wellbeing of employees and holistic approach towards organizational development is the key for the future.
    Guest lecturer:

    Sonja Klopčič, M.Sc
    CEO and Developer of
    AEIOU Leadership

    Moderated by:

    Saša Božič


    15.September 2022

    We had our first Zoom meeting on 15th September 2022 between 17:00 and 19:00 CET


    Topic of lecture and discussion among members was:

    Positive psychology and its influence on the economy of the new age

    We have talked about the benefits of living consciously and achieving a balance between personal and professional life through positive psychology.


    Saša Božič

    Moderated by:

    Dr. Saša Bavec, Knauf Insulation

    20. October 2022

    Please join us for our Zoom meeting on 20th October 2022 between 2pm and 4pm CET


    Topic of lecture and discussion among members:

    The role of Gen Z in today’s business for tomorrow’s future

    Earlier in this year, Liliana, Žan and colleagues from Green Heart Youth held a session at Dubai Expo 2020 on harnessing the power of youth for a more sustainable future. At this October event, we would like to:


    • Define Generation Z and the key attributes of the generation
    • Reflect on the value of intergenerational collaboration in sustainable development and business
    • Gain new perspectives from guest speakers with experience in developing and leading Generation Z
    • Introduce the Youtharian project

    We look forward to seeing you at the event!

    Liliana De Bernardi, SAP


    Žan Aleksander Božič, Knauf Insulation

    17. November 2022

    Please join us for our third LWGH Zoom meeting on 17th November 2022, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM CET


    Topic of lecture and discussion among members:

    The impact of employees wellbeing on corporate security

    Join us in discussion why and how wellbeing of employees and holistic approach towards corporate security is the key for the future collaboration between human, technologies, and AI.

    Head Speaker:

    Andrej Podvršič, CEO, Rimap Security Consulting

    Moderated by: 

    Petra Kodrič, Sophia Academy