Living with a green heart

Associated Partners


“In the BTC Company, we have been actively developing sustainability projects with which we leave a green footprint in the environment. With the new BTC Development Strategy 2025, we successfully continue on our sustainability path and upgrade it by shifting the focus onto The BTC Company 5.0. This is based on a multidimensional development which includes people and organisations with which we grow together and share common values, such as ethical operations, respect for the environment, well-being of people and society, as well as innovativeness and progress. Since some of the key factors for a long-term success of sustainable development are cooperation and open dialogue with various stakeholders, we gladly joined the Living with a Green Heart initiative. This will entail our common efforts to address the new challenges and opportunities brought by sustainable development. We believe that in the scope of the initiative we will be able to find new inspirations for our common green tomorrow.”

Damjan Kralj, M. Sc., Chief Executive Officer at BTC