Living with a green heart

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The first and the largest partnership for sustainable economy in Slovenia


CER is the first and largest partnership for a sustainable economy in Slovenia, which strives to achieve a climate-neutral economy as soon as possible. CER is a platform for the promotion of green transition and the use of green technologies in all sectors. It is based on the belief that the challenges of climate change and globalisation require new solutions, new partnerships and new ways of working together.


CER is the messenger of that part of the economy and other organisations that believes that we must strengthen our ambitions to achieve global climate-neutral goals to which Slovenia has committed unambiguously. CER members realise that a green climate-neutral transition is no longer an alternative. It is crucial. It is mainstream.




The mission of CER is to accelerate innovative climate-neutral circular economy and green technologies* that meet the environmental energy challenges.




Our vision is that Slovenia becomes the leading regional hub for the development of green technologies in the future.




We define green technologies as services, products and processes that reduce energy and material consumption, reduce and eliminate waste and emissions, increase the use of clean energy and are more energy efficient.




Responsibility, health, innovation, interdisciplinarity, excellence, efficiency.