Living with a green heart

Associated Partners

Dvorski transporti d.o.o.

Dvorski Transporti is a company that has been engaged in transport for more than twenty years.

By investing in and introducing new technologies, we strive to facilitate the work of our employees and thereby get as close as possible to green energy.

During the construction of our complex, which consists of an administrative building and warehouse, we tried to incorporate as many green materials as possible.

By investing in new vehicles, we not only reduce costs, but also help get the job done better and safer and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the benefit of our planet.

We attach great importance to the education of our employees. Education in the field of safety and protection helps our employees to perform their work conscientiously and as efficiently as possible.

We all know how burdened and stressed workers are today, that’s why it is very important for us to have a pleasant working environment in which the employee does not feel like a number, but as part of a team whose work makes the company stronger and better.

By joining the Green Heart initiative, we want to include our efforts even more in facing new opportunities and challenges brought by sustainable development.

The conclusion is that being green is not only good for the planet and the natural environment. Being green is also good for business itself. Many studies show great savings in costs by applying green technologies. In the future, personal and corporate responsibility for the natural environment should become a pattern and rule of conduct, not an exception as a result of external pressure.

Tomislav Dvorski, CEO.