How do we support Employees Wellbeing

Knauf Insulation

In Knauf Insulation, we believe that employees are creative, customer-centric, sustainability-minded and resilient, when they are their best selves. To be in such an outward thinking mindset they need to feel well and lead a good life. Therefore, together with Sophia Academy we have created the “Living the KI Way” program. It helps leaders find their strengths, their authentic way of leading people, and better understand their own and their colleagues’ behaviors, appreciate diversity and align their purpose with that of the company. Through the program they find their own ways of creating an ecosystem for their colleagues, in which they feel empowered, their contribution appreciated and feel engaged. By doing so, the company becomes a place where they can thrive and flourish, where in addition to doing the work, they can enjoy it and have fun as well. Our other leadership development programs for managers are built around creating a sense of wellbeing for employees at the workplace as well.

To help our people better cope with the pace of modern life, we organize several workshops on how to manage stress and find your own ways to build resilience. They can take part in the Marathon of Positive Psychology free of charge and learn how to start living a good and full life.

We encourage our employees to take initiative and organize wellbeing activities for their colleagues. The group for the promotion of health is especially active, as it puts together everything from first aid trainings, a healthy eating awareness campaign, a morning online exercise group, mountain treks, and even making sure the company canteen serves healthy food.

We are especially proud of a program we have just started, named “Rock my Work” that will allow people to re-engineer their workplace, while being mindful of the Knauf Insulation’s purpose. The aim is to redesign workplaces in a way that enables people to really use their strengths and do things they are passionate about even if that means working across functions and eliminating existing hierarchical structures.
Dr. Saša Bavec, Managing Director of Systems Division and Group Marketing Director at Knauf Insulation