How do we support Employees Wellbeing


All happy companies are alike, each unhappy company is unhappy in its own way. This meaningful paraphrase of the opening quote to Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina excellently describes that happy companies share a common business direction, which in their achievement of business goals also actively pursue all those values that help create sustainable footprints in the wider society. The slogan of the company Riko “Global engineering for people’s happiness”, which is practically the leading thread of our mission, shows that we aspire to be one of the companies that strive to provide satisfaction in the widest sense of the word to all their stakeholders, starting with the employees. So, what do we have in common with other happy companies? Namely, that we are focused on creating a business culture that respects integrity, puts mutual responsibility, consideration and mutual respect on a pedestal, rewards teamwork, etc. In order to strengthen this business axis, we provide our employees with different programs for professional development and personal growth, for development of social competencies and strengthening of team spirit that the company strives to foster. Each employee has the opportunity to actively participate in the shaping of work processes, as well as in the use and selection of all tools that help them facilitate work processes and improve efficiency. We trust our employees to always choose work methods that suit them and at the same time aim to achieve the common goal. We value self-initiative, creativity, engagement and independence. Not only excellent working conditions, but also a wide array of opportunities for employees to realize and develop their talents, help us all focus on a common goal as well as personal satisfaction. Additionally, we actively encourage all content that expands horizons and fosters a broader view of the world (visiting cultural and art events), strengthens personal competencies (sports) and help create a friendly, collegial team spirit. We also support fostering a balance between the private and the professional life.

The level of satisfaction in the company is not a given, but something we must contribute to, foster, and maintain. And as long as joy and laughter echo through our business premises on a daily basis, happiness is being forged among us.

P.S. We do not penalize mistakes. Sometimes we even encourage them a little bit, for they are the best down payment for future success.

Janez Škrabec