Knauf Insulation

Knauf is Slovenia’s biggest manufacturer of insulation and green solutions for construction and infrastructure product, as well as one of the country’s biggest exporters. Its 60 years of excellence and its speedy growth are ample proof of their quality and development. Knauf draws from a rich pool of knowledge and experience, as well as a highly trained and motivated workforce. At the same time, Knauf realizes its place as part of the local environment where it works. This vision was concentrated into the slogan Challenge. Create. Care., which communicates that their mission is founded on encouraging and seeking an alternative to the traditional way the business world thinks. It is also the slogan that drives their innovative solutions for a future in which we all want to live. In doing so, they dedicate special attention to people, the environment, and society at large.


They have joined the Living with a Green Heart initiative with their innovative Urbanscape® solutions, a blanket name for a group of products, concepts, and systems for providing green urban infrastructure, which in practice results in additional vertical and horizontal green surfaces, especially in urban environments and in traffic. All of their products are part of a new concept for green walls, green roofs, and other green islands in urban landscapes. The basis of all Urbanscape® solutions is a premium substrate of mineral wool as a growth medium that, depending on its purpose, also incorporates other system components.


For more information, take a look at their concept solutions for green roofs, landscaping, green walls, and other green innovations at na and

Sophia Academy

The Sophia Academy was founded with the sincere desire to craft positive changes in the corporate world. These changes must focus on individuals and their well-being in the work environments where they are employed.


When you feel good, respected, and understood, people are most dedicated and successful. That’s when we realize our strength and our capabilities. If your workplace abounds in understanding and support, you will do your job more committed and more in harmony with the company’s goals. Such a unique and comprehensive link between employees and companies leads to mutual satisfaction, well-being, and long-lasting collaboration.


This is where we start writing the story together.


The Sophia Academy has an all-inclusive approach towards getting the most out of the potentials that are brimming in your company. Employees and their amazing characteristics are our daily bread. When we find out what makes a good employee tick, we link that trait to an overhauled team dynamic and your company’s very core. Together we create a friendlier environment, one that ensures permanent connections, an attentive ear for each and every employee, more productive partnerships, and better results.

We’re living in uncertain times, ones that require new approaches from all of us, along with more responsible decisions and more comprehensive operations.


The Sophia Academy does all of this and more for your company, using techniques devised through a mixture of tradition and insights, techniques that have been scientifically tested and practically proven. Our signature approach comes from our understanding of individual employees, and then applying their special characteristics to increased commitment to the everyday struggles your company undertakes. We want to create global understanding for your mission and to connect all your employees in line with redesigned common objectives.

Regardless of the complexity of external factors and new challenges born in the uncertain times we live and work.


Riko is one of the biggest engineering companies in Europe. With its highly trained and qualified experts, comprehensive service range, dependable management concept, and long list of references in the region, Riko is well known as a provider of exceptional green technological solutions. The company is renowned in several different industries, including traffic safety, civil projects, environmental protection, energy infrastructure, and construction per se. It is in this very field where, with its proprietary system of wooden construction, Riko does not strive merely for sustainable concepts to become a mainstay in construction practices, but it also encourages green orientations far and wide among the culture of homeowners. It was with pride that it joined the Living with a Green Heart initiative.


Riko’s prefabricated wooden houses, which are trusted by responsible investors of residential and tourist complexes, daycares, and schools throughout Europe, have blazed a path of responsibility for sustainable development in the spatial, ecological, and social sense. They further give their residents the chance for a healthy and comforting living space. This is complemented by the P.A.T.H. line of houses, designed by Phillip Starck with Riko, a partnership that ensures a high living standard for homeowners.


Not just in business, but in its entire mission and philosophy, Riko follows, respects, and initiates sustainable guidelines in every sense of the word. The company has dedicated its mission to inclusion in its support for social, cultural, and other segments that are crucial for comprehensive development and a rich life in all aspects. This commitment is summarized in Riko’s tagline: global engineering for happy people.