Green Heart Youth


As Gen Z we are set to live most of our lives in the climate crisis. For many young people, climate action is not a choice, but a means of our survival. Hence, we define our generation by the cause of fighting the climate crisis. Many of us in Gen Z feel frustrated in the powerless position of waiting for the future to be built for us. We are strong believers that frustration can get us to march but hope, determination and desire for a better tomorrow can sustain a movement.


We at the Living With a Green Heart Youth believe that building a better tomorrow must be a collective effort where companies can get contributions towards their sustainability actions and transformations from Gen Zs and vice versa, Gen Zs can start interacting with actionable issues of companies and start leaving their mark directly on sustainability projects.


We at the Living With a Green Heart Youth are a group of Gen Z’ers fueled by the desire that it is indeed possible to work together with leaders in policy, business and academia to create a better future. Our story begins with you. As we connect this cross-generational knowledge gap and reinvent the opportunity to harness the power of youth for a better tomorrow. We are excited to welcome you to the Slovenia Pavilion on 12/03/2022.

Key aims of event

  • Bring generations together to create synergies, through a collaborative approach to work together on sustainability projects – connecting educational institutions, students, companies, and even governmental agencies/policy makers

  • Empowering the young people, promoting meaningful dialogue and exchange of expertise and perspectives – great learning opportunities and feedback loops can be generated by connecting the above-mentioned stakeholders

  • Moving away from dialogue into concrete action, through projects execution – creating career opportunities for the youth in the field of sustainability

  • Build a platform to exchange knowledge and learning – Creating lasting and transferable value within the platform – studies, content, and lessons learnt can be shared as a result of stakeholder interactions (may it be through events, consulting projects, research and studies etc.)