Living With A Green Heart

Green Heart Warrior Community

Just as companies around the world differ from each other, so do individuals in their specific work environments. A BIG THANK YOU goes out for joining the Living with the Green Heart initiative, whose mission is to connect holistically sustainable (People, Planet, Profit) companies of the new age, ones that are aware of the need to put people and the center of developing a sustainable economy.

We have begun calling our community of likeminded members of LWGH initiative “The Green Warrior Community”. Leading from our Core, we feel it is the responsibility of all of us to make the necessary changes and be the co-creators of the new economy in our own authentic and truthful way.

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Associated Partners

Our desire is to have as many like-minded companies join the “Living with the Green Heart” initiative. Companies, whose goal is to create a kind and stimulating environment for all employees, who will be playing an active role in the sustainable development of the society, thus serving as a role model and an inspiration for others with their behavior and actions.
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The Circle of Green Warriors – Employee Wellbeing Workshops

The Circle of Green Warriors is a set of workshops that act as an initial step for a company to start thinking and acting in favor of its employees’ wellbeing.

It arose as a response to the described existing state of mind in society and the companies operating within it.

These workshops are based on the work of the American psychologist and father of positive psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman, and his Wellbeing Theory, which he called the PERMA Model.

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