Living with a green heart

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Jelovica has long been focused on green and energy-efficient operations, as we are aware of the importance of these trends, both in terms of providing competitive advantages as well as creating a positive work environment for employees. In addition to the fact that we are in the green transformation of society, we have ensured 100% energy self-sufficiency of the entire factory, which obtains such energy entirely from renewables. Herefor it’s also worth recalling our other efforts to create a favorable working environment, which is not limited to the location of the company. By using modern means with which we have digitalized and also virtualized jobs, we enable our employees to work from anywhere, and our customers have the widest possible accessibility, while reducing logistics routes in addition to saving time and also reducing the carbon footprint of our activities.


Our activities result in energy-saving green products that enable the highest quality of natural living to the final buyers of our products.


We are currently upgrading with a future-oriented development project “Dvor Narave” in which above mentioned real estate project also takes into account all the orientations represented and advocated by the Living with a Green Heart Initiative.


– Gregor Benčina, CEO