Living With A Green Heart

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The “Living with a Green Heart” initiative promotes a comprehensive approach to sustainable development with emphasis on societal and social sustainable development, placing an informed individual at the forefront of the sustainable transformation of society.  

How can you join in the beating of the Green Heart?

Become a Green Heart Warrior and a member of the LWGH initiative free of charge, by filling out the application form below and adding photographs of the company/organization’s director/owner and of its logo. Include a brief presentation of the activities you are already carrying out with the express aim of supporting your colleagues’ physical and mental health, promoting acceptance and the inclusion of diversity, and empowering the women in the organization.

As a supporter of the initiative, you will have access to all activities organized for company representatives, which will be aimed at promoting activities for sustainable social and societal development, such as:

  • Joint presentations of sustainable products and services created as a result of “green and happy” hearts at live events and online.

  • Monthly lectures on positive psychology at the workplace and on creating a working environment that facilitates living in accordance with its principles.

  • Sharing of good practices regarding sustainable social and societal development, implementing projects, promoting empowerment, and increasing employee engagement, all resulting in increased employee productivity and better operational results.

  • A platform for promoting collaboration among the initiative’s members in activities related to a comprehensive approach to sustainable development (People, Planet, Profit).

  • Access to the Living with a Green Heart standard questionnaire assessing employee wellbeing and the start-up mindset.

  • The Circle of Green Warriors workshops, a set of workshops that act as the initial step towards thinking and acting in favor of employee wellbeing.

  • Recommendations for instilling/improving the organization’s start-up mindset.

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