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How we take care of the physical and mental health of employees in the company

Already in “normal” times, it is important to implement measures to improve health at work, and in 2021, which was a really crazy year due to the declared Pandemic because of Covid-19, this was even more important. Mainly because a lot of employees were working from home.


For first two months, when the country was closed and we were working from home, we set a goal to walk 5km as many times as possible. To encourage us we made a group on messenger where we were posting pictures of the trails and views that were offered to us. Since walking is the easiest thing to do, the response from the co-workers was very good.


With the articles, we made employees aware of the importance of sleep. We also made a survey among employees where we got results about our sleeping habits, and came up with some interesting results.


In the spring, we trained our brains with some brain exercises. To reduce spring fatigue we did detoxing and continued walking.


In May, the situation allowed us to reunite after a long time, so we went on a hike with our families through the surroundings of Lovrenc hills. Such socialising was very positive for everyone, also from a mental point of view, because the conversation only through screens and telephone lines is very impersonal – after all, we are humans who need personal interaction –we need to touch, hug and socialise.


During the summer we cycled, took care of sufficient hydration and refreshment and enjoyed the »covid free time« at the sea and pools. This was another refreshment after a dull and stressed first period of a year. In the fall, when we returned to the offices, we introduced active breaks in the office. It is the case that mainly sitting position and static work cause tightness in the neck, back and lower back pain, and swelling of the legs.


In October, we encouraged employee creativity and organised a Halloween pumpkin carving competition. Because in November was increase of infected people with Covid, unfortunately also in our company, we raised awareness on how to take care and lift up the immune system with articles. We included exercise, diet, vitamin supplements, and mental health care.


At the end of the year, every day we opened a window on the Advent calendar. In each window was something, with which we brightened up our days with beautiful thoughts, actions and activities. . The windows reminded us of how much good we had done during the year for each other.


We are very lucky that in our team we get along very well. We support each other – whenever someone encountered an obstacle, there was always someone who approached and helped. If it was not possible otherwise, just over the phone – we laughed together, even cried and it was easier. Sometimes for mental health you just need someone to listen to you, other times you go for a walk with a person and it’s easier, but sometimes you surprise a person with knocking on his/her door, and bring something sweet and the world is more beautiful.


– Zvezdana Lubej, Founder of Kadrovska asistenca