Living With A Green Heart

LWGH Philosophia

The times we are living in may seem like one social and emotional roller coaster with no beginning or end. Far too often, our reaction to life – born from our deeply ingrained desire for survival – is mechanical. And our desire for a sincere and authentic relationship with a fellow human being, a colleague has often been overrun by the constant need for efficiency and security. At the pace we are living now, there is not much space for anything else than profit maximization and balance sheets. It feels as if we’ve forgotten that, without a sincere human-to-human bond, first with ourselves, then with our team and ultimately with the community, economic success cannot be fully achieved.



The wakeup call sadly came in a form of a pandemic, war, and soaring inflation, and it has exposed human race’s vulnerability and put our existing priorities under question. Today, the need for a conscious organizational culture is increasing and becoming a necessary foundation for successful businesses. Companies of the future, companies that have realized the importance of their healthy Core – namely their employees, as human beings and not as AI robots – are already paving the path for others to join, as they emphasize that profit cannot be achieved sustainably without keen awareness of how important individual employee wellbeing is and, then, without acting upon that realization.



Companies that have heard the call mentioned above have taken the responsibility to act upon it, creating the social sustainability initiative called LIVING WITH A GREEN HEART. Today, we are calling on YOU to join us too.