Living with a green heart

Associated Partners

Miss Moose Studio

In Miss Moose Studio we believe in our values and we also live them; quality, trust, team work, integrity, passion, creativity. We are an open minded international team. Our team includes different genders, countries, religions, sexual orientation, … we stick together and when someone needs support-we are there. And I believe our clients feel this as well.


We strive to develop one’s potential. Meaning, if in time we see someone is better at something, he/she will do that and develop potential there. We make decisions together and we try to be as transparent as possible, communicate as much as possible. We have daily briefings to see how everyone feels, if someone needs help with something.


We always always encourage our employees to educate themselves, to live healthy, to bike to work, to eat healthy, we have sporty team buildings and we have a dog in the office, which we feel works like a therapist:). We had a hybrid style of work long before Covid, everyone can decide how or where he/she wants to work. Our employees can schedule their own working hours. We believe what matters most is effectiveness, not how many hours per day you work. Fridays we work from home and some day we hope to have them free all together.


We are not careful only with team members we choose, but also our clients and projects. Some of our favourite explainer videos we created are educating videos about;

  • circular economy,
  • how to take care about environment,
  • why young people should go and vote,
  • why never drink and drive,
  • recycling
– Manja Porle, CEO at Miss Moose Studio