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Architecture, spatial planning, and construction have taken on a mission that transcends mere aesthetics and building types. Comprehensive architecture is responsible for sustainable development in a spatial, ecological, and even social sense. That principle guides the philosophy that everything we do and build in the environment should be as unintrusive and undestructive as possible; buildings should be constructed and positioned with as few materials and elements as possible, so as to ensure that their function can be realized while still consuming as little electricity and other commodities as possible.
Keeping in mind informed consumers who appreciate all the advantages of prefabricated wooden construction and who swear by the absolute best in architecture and design, Riko teamed up with Philippe Starck to develop the P.A.T.H. line of wooden houses by Starck with Riko, giving buyers the ability to completely tailor their living space to their personal tastes. Several floor plans are available, along with floor options, construction types, roof variations, and designer trim work.

The future is betting on wood. Not just because it is the least wasteful construction material, with a neutral or even negative carbon footprint, but because it’s healthy. It’s antistatic, it doesn’t produce any harmful side-products, it can regulate ambient moisture, and it can even help make hypoallergenic living spaces. And it’s always good to know: wood is conducive to enjoying the beauties of the natural world, and with it the meaning of practical, non-material values, that help us find the path back to our true selves. They connect us with nature and remind us of how fleeting our time is, encouraging us to perpetually recreate ourselves, as the essence of our lives.

PATH by Starck with Riko thus makes for an incredible choice for anyone who respects ethics, aesthetics, and the intersection of natural beauty in the architecture and culture of life. The options for personalisation, quick construction, premium design, and a healthy living environment are the key traits distinguishing the line and exciting even the pickiest consumers. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

Knauf Insulation

Construction, architecture, and spatial planning have taken on a whole new dimension as of late. This is most evident in today’s different approach to planning living spaces – both inside and out. Quality of life is becoming a crucial factor, so quantifying that quality has developed completely different criteria – the well-known criteria of health, heating, no noise pollution, safety and security, and rationality are being joined by aesthetic criteria, the absence of stress, a proper work-life balance, self-sustenance, the prevention of natural disasters like floods, participation in the circular economy, and a general sentiment towards environmental responsibility. This last note even includes ensuring for biodiversity by constructing living spaces for essential spices, e.g. beehives, as well as things like minimizing air pollution.
The most competitive solution providers for construction and green infrastructure are accelerating our efforts to adapt to those changes. We want to provide aware customers with solutions that exceed their expectations regarding quality of life and well-being.

Urbanscape®, as a startup within the Knauf Group, strives to create green solutions for urban centers that embellish upon and complement classical architecture. We make solutions that allow for green surfaces with some fairly demanding growing conditions, such as vertical walls or roof greenery, ensuring that they provide a fertile growing base with necessary conditions such as nutrients, ample space, and abundant water. With the guiding principle of “for a better life and better living environments”, we are striving to greenify our buildings, to make urban centers more friendly and comfortable, and in doing so to return to the environment at least a little bit of that which we’ve taken from her in the past.

Our green solutions, all grouped under our brand Urbanscape®, endeavor to create a better, more beautiful, and more comfortable living space. In this quest we are constantly focused on solving the environmental challenges of the coming era – including reducing the amount of urban heat islands, capturing particulate matter that can be used as fertilizer for green spaces, on cleaning our air, and on preventing atmospheric warming.

The green Urbanscape® line is meant for informed investors, providing a long-term win-win situation that bridges the space between infrastructure user and the environment.

With our solutions we strive to improve people’s well-being in urban areas, at the same time fostering a culture of clean environments, good feeling, and freedom of existence, which in turn spark people to act more responsibly towards society and the planet in the future.

“God sleeps in the rock, dreams in the plant, stirs in the animal, and awakens in man.”

– Ibn Arabi

Sophia Academy

The Ancient Wisdom for Corporate Wellbeing

We, Sophia’s Global team, support Corporate Leaders to consciously embrace their authenticity and uniqueness which organically results in the creation of healthier, happier and ultra productive working environments for ALL they are honoured to Lead.
SOPHIA’S WAY: Conscious Life Executive MBA Program.

Your Journey from mechanical existence to conscious aliveness.

Conscious aliveness starts with you BEING YOU.

At Sophia Academy, we believe you can uplift your business goals and raise employee productivity by transforming the way employees relate to themselves, as human beings first, before they become the role they hold in your organization. The next step is enhancing their relationship with their colleagues and the emotional connection to the brand they represent.

The Sophia journey is delivered in three modules, The Mind, The Body, The Soul, where every next one deepens the acquired consciousness, so participants can move expansively from learning, to application, to integrated knowing.

Each module covers three key pillars we call, Being, Doing and Living, guiding participants through an organic integration of the content introduced.

Human wellbeing & relationships before, concepts and strategies

We merge science-based modalities of Positive Psychology with an experiential approach that works from the inside out: expanding consciousness, wellbeing and connection, so that you can grow your business into the post COVID era supported by a solid base – colleagues that know their strengths and how to harness them.

The results are presented with higher productivity levels and employee engagement, loyalty and the ability to harness differences within teams through diversity and inclusion, a deeper emotional understanding of your brand’s core purpose and corporate culture.

People are most engaged and productive when they feel seen as a Human Beings not as numbers or robots and when they can personally connect with the values and purpose of the Brand they represent.