Living with a green heart

Associated Partners


In our company we communicate regularly. Sharing ideas, points of view, information, and expertise helps to keep everyone
informed and in the loop. Doing so helps building relationships, and it means everyone gets a chance to express themselves and
their ideas. Differing opinions and disagreements are acknowledged and dealt with respectfully. We also work on our emotional intelligence through different workshops.


Our coworkers are people with diverse backgrounds. We don’t allow anybody to engage in behavior that restricts another
person’s ability because of age, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. We accept others for who they are, not for who we want them to


We encourage all our female coworkers to speak up. We provide mentorship and working opportunities for younger women
starting their careers. We try to avoid gender stereotypes and there is no place for bullying and/or harassment.



– Dejan Jesih, CEO of Poslovno izobraževalni center JD d.o.o.