Living with a green heart

Associated Partners

Semenič Transport d.o.o.

Semenič transport d.o.o. is involved more than 40 years in road transport. It has always strived to find solutions that mitigated the negative impact of the transport to the environment. Providing solutions to implement the use of alternative, renewable fuels that have potential to lower carbon footprint and harmful exhaust emissions is something Semenič transport is known for. Our own line of light-weight trailers and upper structures that we produce under brand Semenič trailers offer additional options to lower the carbon footprint and improve transport efficiency.

As a family-based company we always invest a lot of effort to build and maintain a successful team of employees and provide them opportunity for professional and personal growth. Through organizing sport and social team-building events we strengthen ties of our team. To better coordinate professional and family life we try to provide different sliding schedule options to our employees.

Semenič transport purpose is to offer to our customers state-of-the-art transport solutions that are efficient and sustainable. Our team provides services, tailored to our customer needs, that contribute to joint efforts for greener future.

David Semenič, CEO of Semenič Transport d.o.o.