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Skladišna Logistika

The employees of Skladišna logistika are its biggest asset. With their honest approach to work, their attitude toward colleagues and partners, and their thinking about improving the company’s operations, the employees of Skladišna logistika developed the company. They led it to fulfill the given mission – to become a leading partner in warehouse logistics.

Our mission is to bring exceptional efficiency in material handling operations, to respect the environment, ambitions, and expectations of employees and partners, through a constant desire for progress. Toyota’s success comes from a vision and dedication to setting up five important principles called the Toyota Way. Genchi Genbutsu, Kaizen, Challenge, Team, and Respect express Toyota’s beliefs.

Caring about quality and people, we are convinced that teamwork increases quality at all levels. A deep respect for each individual and passion for planning and communication builds a platform on which each person can achieve top results of which they can be proud. At the end of 2021, we have achieved the right to the ISO certification ISO 9001: 2015, which determines the requirements for the quality management system, and ISO 14001: 2015, which determines the requirements for the identification, management, and supervision of aspects of the organization’s environment, and also determines the requirements for the management and improvement of the entire system.

The ability to provide high-quality products and grow our business depends on the contribution of our people, so it is critical that we attract, retain and develop skilled employees throughout our organization. As a company, we believe in our employees as much as in future logistics trends. That’s why we listen to them and offer them the opportunity to develop their talents and think about the future.

Davor Pranić, Managing director at Skladišna logistika