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Why Certificate: Employee Wellbeing and Engagement

We all know that a fundamental transformation in how we do our business is just a step away. AI and automation are both replacing the work of human beings. The skills companies are looking for all over the world are rapidly changing. The way we work is changing. The COVID-19 pandemic merely additionally accelerated all those changes. We need our employees’ creativity, resilience, and intelligence to successfully differentiate and compete in today’s world. 

More and more companies are becoming aware that employees cannot be ordered to be creative or commanded by standard operating procedures to be resilient. Employees hold the keys to those things and when they are healthy and feel well, they are ready to put them into the service of the company. Companies have recognized the importance of igniting and keeping their employees’ entrepreneurial spirit alive, and have put as one of their main priorities a working environment where their employees can flourish and be their very best.

Future-ready organizations achieve this in three ways:
  • They clarify their purpose.
  • They know how they create value and why they’re unique.
  • They create strong and distinct cultures that help attract and retain the best people.

Caring about employee wellbeing nowadays transcends physical wellbeing. It has expanded into building a holistic culture that comprehensively targets physical, emotional, financial, and social aspects, careers, and community building, and insists on giving work a higher purpose. It also addresses the growing need for flexibility in where, when, and how employees work.

Researches are showing that employee engagement and wellbeing go hand in hand, and engaged employees that feel well are:
  • 30% more likely not to miss any workdays due to poor health in any given month. They also miss 70% fewer workdays due to poor health over the course of a year
  • 45% more likely to report high levels of adaptability in the face of change
  • 59% less likely to look for a job with a different organization in the next 12 months
  • 42% more likely to evaluate their overall lives highly

(Source: Gallup)