Living with a green heart

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We are aware of the fact that having happy employees is extremely important for performance of any organisation. At the agency, therefore, we constantly take care of the development and education of employees, and we pay special attention to their safety, health and well being.


Employees are encouraged to take active breaks individually or in small groups. There is also a video with exercise and relaxation exercises available on the agency’s intranet.


We offer employees many benefits, including several days of leave more as the legal minimum and the possibility of using overtime hours as full day absence. Starting next year, the agency’s employees will also be able to take advantage of the opportunity to work from home.


We are proud that 5 of the 7 internal organisational units within the agency are led by women. All heads of departments strive to establish a good working climate.


In order to achieve better integration of our employees and to deepen their ties we organise annual gatherings, including professional excursions.


We will continue to focus on creating a pleasant and stimulating environment for all employees, take care of their well-being and help them achieve their own and common goals of the agency.


– Dr. Tomaž Kostanjevec, CEO of SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency