Living with a green heart

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TECHNOBELL d.o.o. Koper has been committed to an ethical approach to business since its establishment in 1989. Our vision is ‘WE DEVELOP TECHNOLOGIES FOR A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE’. We ensure this by constantly innovating our products and services and by adopting a Code of Corporate Responsibility. In 2019, the company received the SR10 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY CERTIFICATE, and in 2021, we prepared and started implementing the 2021-2026 Sustainable Strategic Business Plan. Both documents address all three aspects of sustainable business: social, environmental, and economic.


We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers, employees, subcontractors, and other stakeholders at all levels. Well-being and continuous education and development of employees is one of the main areas of our practice and future operations.


We raise the level of employee awareness through internal and external education, which, while developing soft skills and competencies, helps improve our business and our attitude towards social responsibility. Since 2018, the company has increased its investment in professional training by 5 times – in euros and in the time invested. This includes a variety of vocational skills, languages, soft skills training, support, and sustainability education. With 3 to 4 sports events a year, we support a healthy lifestyle and the use of bicycles for co-workers who reside close by, while others have free parking. We regularly celebrate seasonal holidays and every successful completion of major projects. All employees have travel insurance, free hot drinks, and the option of working remotely. The employee satisfaction survey regularly reflects the company’s efforts for their well-being, development, health, and safety.


The company also supports local economy by purchasing local products and promoting Slovenia as a tourist destination to all our business partners abroad. Additionally, we support activities of the local community and sports teams, seeking synergies between European and other funds and the local economy with the aim of developing new, green technologies for waste processing and thus promoting the decontamination of the natural environment.


One of the most important sustainable strategic activities is the development of new environmental solutions (processes and products).

The company is committed to sustainable business practices and sustainable development. Our business strategy includes economic, environmental, and social goals with the aim of creating long-term value for the company, its stakeholders, and the wider society. The company integrates environmental aspects into the processes of planning the development of new products and services and in planning the improvement and/or optimisation of existing products and services


– Suzana B. Agostini, CEO