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Project with Sasa Bozic

Hi dear Green Heart Warrior.

I am Sasa and I am gonna be your host throughout the next year’s 365 days of Ancient wisdom for the wellbeing of Modern Man. A LWGH project that’s going to take us around the globe, socialising with ancient tribes, honouring and collecting their wisdom, so we can hopefully reuse it in our modern, chaotic, often unbalanced lifestyle.

As someone who was spending my life trying to prevent illness through corporate employee wellbeing initiatives and activities, it seemed to me that lately the loss of belonging to culture and loss of personal purpose in a life of a modern man must have been contributing factors in the growing gambling with death. Mechanical existence in a Zombie version of our own being has brought us to the point of raising burnouts and mental challenges.

Therefor, as a proactive Green Warrior of LWGH initiative I have decided to travel around the globe with a single purpose: To find indigenous sages, collect their advices for the wellbeing of a Modern Man, daily posting them on all LWGH channels concluding every week with a video of a live interview.

Please join me on my quest, starting in January with Australian Indigenous People.

💚 Sasa


12months, 12 countries, 12 indigenous sages