Living with a Green Heart

The Circle of Green Warriors

Employee Wellbeing Workshops

The Circle of Green Warriors is a set of workshops that act as an initial step for a company to start thinking and acting in favor of its employees’ wellbeing.

It arose as a response to the described existing state of mind in society and the companies operating within it.


These workshops are based on the work of the American psychologist and father of positive psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman, and his Wellbeing Theory, which he called the PERMA Model.

What is Positive Psychology

Positive psychology deals with the study and strengthening of positive aspects of human life and spirituality: with questions of happiness, satisfaction, meaning, optimism, hope, perseverance, resilience, psychological wellbeing, and other key facets.

Its purpose is to direct the attention of psychology and psychologists one step further from “treatment” and the correction of people’s deficits – towards strengthening their positive capabilities and strengths.

Positive psychology is based on important insights:


  • that people who feel or are happier are more satisfied, persistent, optimistic, firmer, and better equipped psychologically to face and manage unpleasant events, circumstances, feelings, and emotions; therefore, they will also pass through life’s more difficult trials with less severe consequences.
  • that qualities such as perseverance, optimism, and resilience must be given the ability to develop lasting and deepened relationships, and to systematically strengthen people’s feelings of satisfaction, happiness, and purpose (thereby strengthening and developing their psychological strength and resilience).
  • that the most expedient path (as is the case for most important skills and abilities) is the psychological one, and that important life skills and qualities should be developed and strengthened already in childhood; because the life skills learned and internalized at that time are the most permanently anchored and will ultimately contribute the most to the quality of life.


Nevertheless, much of the traditional psychology of the 20th century was primarily concerned with psychological difficulties, hardships, problems, and disturbances. It achieved significant success in overcoming them, which led to improved lives for many. However, overcoming hardships and problems is only one side of what psychology can offer. Positive psychology was born in the belief that it is also necessary to study the positive sides of the human experience and mentality, and deal with them in the same way.

Why is POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY so important?

The phenomena and qualities studied by positive psychology are not only important for people’s wellbeing; rather, they connect with many important aspects of life. In recent years, research has shown that a wide range of aspects and elements of psychological wellbeing are associated with the overall quality of life:


  • Optimism can be an important protector of mental and physical health.
  • More frequent happiness, contentment, hope, and an overall life purpose are associated with a greater quality of life.
  • Resistance to stress or resilience is an important factor in the state of mental wellbeing and physical health, especially since the two are strongly connected.
  • Research shows that dedication, perseverance, and a strong mindset can be more important factors in the quality of life than intelligence.

What is the PERMA model?

The PERMA Model, designed by American psychologist and educator Martin Seligman, represents the five core elements of happiness and wellbeing. PERMA stands for Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishments.

Structure and Topics of The Circle of Green Warriors workshop

(online or live sessions)

Through the Circle of Green Warriors, the participants get an opportunity to better understand the theory based on Dr. Seligman’s Positive Psychology that stands behind personal happiness and wellbeing. It represents at the same time an opportunity as well to reflect where they stand personally on the key elements of Positive Psychology PERMA model (on positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishments). At the same time, the workshops remind participants that they, too, are responsible for their own wellbeing and that they should take personal action if they want to see changes in themselves and in the world. Here we specifically mean changes towards greater sustainability. They are also encouraged to act as role models and invite others to make a change and act as well. After the workshop, participants can really start living with Mahatma Gandhi’s saying – be the change you want to see in the world.