Living With A Green Heart

The LWGH Initiative

Living with a Green Heart is a Social Sustainability initiative whose main goal is to inspire, promote, and co-create a working environment where employees at all levels and in all aspects of organizations can feel good and well respected, flourish and thrive, and simply be their very best.

It connects likeminded companies and other organizations that believe that sustainability should be addressed holistically, and that the right emphasis on social sustainability and on placing people in the center of all activities could bring about a sustainable societal transformation for the better of us all.

Our experience and insights, once gained and put into daily practice, will guide and help us in our quest for meaning, for change, and for improving our emotions, engagements, and relationships. We want to produce and deliver products that embody our sustainable mindset and help our customers live in an environmentally friendly way. We thus aim to co-create a more informed and kinder future for ourselves and those that come after us.

A dedicated and proactive collective is only as strong as the people within it. Only together can we express all the potentials teeming within us and manifest them in everything we create and deliver to the market, in everything used by people who place their trust in us.

Join us, dear Green Heart Warrior, in our quest for A BETTER WORLD FOR ALL.