Living with a green heart

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Happiness is certainly one of the most sought-after and desired emotions. It is global. One of the most universal feelings. It provides a sense of unity and attachment, and is in itself so very connection-building and reciprocal. When you are happy in your heart, you can embrace the world. When you are happy at home, you are more successful and consequently happier at work. And vice versa. Such an overflowing emotion, isn’t it wonderful?

Finding and feeling happiness every day on the merry-go-round of life is an art. Being aware of what we like to do and what we have to do, although we may not like it very much, is the harmony that brings balance. This balance begets happiness. The overlap of good and bad moments may not be perfect, but just feeling and making sense of the good and the bad is what brings joy.

Accepting such wisdom is not easy. Keeping in mind the injustices and misfortunes in the world, it may not be immediately apparent, for example, that Toyota is a mass producer of happiness. I can see you dismissing this as marketing speak. However, the slogan “happiness for all” is part of the DNA of the world’s most powerful car brand. The choice is ours. And yours. At Toyota, we choose the good and spread it further.

The wisdom and guidance of Toyota’s founder, Sakishi Toyoda, remain a strong part of our identity to this day. Committed to our duties, we contribute to company success and the common good, to which Toyota gives back. Diligent and creative, we strive to go beyond the limits every day. To go places many do not yet see or dare to go. In doing so, we remain practical and deliberate. Every day, we strive to create a welcoming atmosphere, warm and friendly. Respectful. With awareness of the spiritual world and with daily gratitude.

The more we give, the more we receive. With every ride provided to those who don’t have this option, whether they are elderly (Zavod Sopotniki) or with physical disabilities (Slovenian Paralympic Committee), with every tree planted (One hybrid. One tree.) to revive the forests of Slovenia, with every kilometre ran (#OnkrajMeja), which makes us healthier and fitter and takes us one step closer to the Olympic values (Olympic Committee of Slovenia), with every handshake and smile and time given to the elderly isolated from social interactions of everyday life, with every volunteer hour spent helping extraordinary individuals with intellectual disabilities (Special Olympics Slovenia). The happiness we feel when taking part in these activities is what revitalises us, energises us and makes us better people with every single day. This is the only way for us to be better, for ourselves and for others. Until the circle of happiness is complete. Because there can never be too much of it, it will never run out and it never really hides away. It is always present. We just have to learn to see it. Feel it. Accept it.

So, what is happiness? A kind word, a helping hand, a smile. Good intentions. Mobility, reliability, passion, responsibility. Happiness is anything to which we attribute the meaning of contentment. If you feel it with your heart, you will experience it in no time. It really is that simple. Living with a kind heart. Living with a Green Heart.

We are walking the talk. Which makes us number one automotive brand by brand strength in Slovenia (BrandScan), and best automotive global brand (#6 overall, Interbrand).

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