Living with a green heart

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Leading from love, thinking in terms of eco-systems, understanding and realizing the mission, taking responsibility for 4P (people, planet, purpose, profit) and building trust-based relationships – these are the dimensions of sustainable leadership that we have consolidated into the AEIOU leadership model. It combines the timeless wisdom of indigenous peoples from five continents and modern knowledge for sustainable leadership.


We received a gold award for organizational and social innovation for the AEIOU leadership model. It is based on systems thinking and the fact that a system changes if an individual changes. Therefore, it supports, directs and encourages changes in the individuals, because in this way her or his attitudes towards himself, towards co-workers, towards challenges change. This transforms teams, departments, organisations, systems.


The model is refined and upgraded with sound, yoga exercises and flower essences that promote transformations on different levels. This leads to a greater degree of collaboration and co-creation of prosperity for all.


In the global community of AEIOU leaders, we bring together all those who want to lead in line with the principles of aroha, eb, ikigai, oikos and ubuntu, thus introducing new approaches to leadership that focus on people, purpose, prosperity and the planet.


– Sonja Klopčič, CEO